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Dans le Vent was founded in Athens in 1987 with the experience accumulated after a long successful history in a famous cosmetics company. Our aim was to create a family business that would promote ideas and beauty trends.

We search for the best raw materials in nature and in the laboratory for the face and body. We create products based on Greek naturally sourced ingredients. We develop beauty services that promote a harmonious lifestyle. Our sole objective is the production of high quality cosmetics.

The excellent cooperation with our suppliers and the satisfaction of our customers, leads us 30 years now. And we continue to be here with you to guide your selections and advise you.

our products

Our cosmetic product recipes combine naturally sourced ingredients, extracts from Greek plants
and biological essential oils with percentages ranging from 85% to 100%.



day cream


for greasy skins

day cream


for normal, dry skins

day cream


for normal, greasy skins

day cream


eye cream

night cream


suncare cream

(SPF 15)



(serum des yeux)

extra lifting





cleansing emulsion

tonic lotion

face liquid




normal skin


thin skin


(calendula-chamomile )

sensitive skin



collagen mask

peel off mask


hand cream

massage cream

cooling gel

thermo gel

massage oil

body milk

news & special offers

Cleansing and caring set
for healthy & bright face and body


Buying a set consisting of Massage oil and Face liquid soap, in a small straw bag, you win a 25% discount on the total price.

A special gift for caring face and body! Hydrates the skin and tones the mood up.

Set includes:

Massage oil which contains almond oil, vitamin F and herbal oils from lemon, cypress, geranium, rosemary (500 ml).

Face liquid soap for all skin types. It cleans deeply, helps to eradicate spots, controls grease and leaves skin feeling soft. Contains calendula, chamomile and allantoin extracts (250 ml).

(Gift set 1)

Face caring set


Buying a set consisting of Peeling-facial scrub (sensitive skin) & Day cream (oxygen) in an elegant wooden basket, you win a 20% discount on the total price.

A special gift for caring face! It helps the skin to cope with daily tiredness, stress and prevents dryness.

Set includes:

Peeling (calendula-chamomile) for all skin types, especially for sensitive, with calendula and chamomile extracts known for anti-inflammatory and soothing properties (50 ml).

Day cream (oxygen) for moisturizing normal and combination skins. Contains vitamin Ε, allantoin, panthenol (pro-vitamin Β5) (50 ml).

(Gift set 2)

Face cleaning set


Buying a set consisting of Cleansing emulsion & Tonic lotion in an elegant wooden basket, you win a 25% discount on the total price.

Products that care face, leaving it smooth and clean.

Set includes:

Cleansing emulsion for all skin types. Silky soft and thick for quick and deep skin cleansing. It takes away makeup, sebum and daily grime leaving skin soft and smooth. Enriched with chamomile extract, allantoin extract and panthenol  extract (250 ml).

Tonic lotion suitable for all skin types. Alcohol free. It tones and evens the complexion leaving skin feeling clean and firm. Contains moisturizing elements and aloe. Ideally use after cleansing emulsion (250 ml).

(Gift set 3)

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